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[ NEW ] Tchernomix – PierrotheMoon [ TSS030 ]

Intro, soporific [sop-uh-rif-ik, soh-puh-] adjective 1. causing or tending to cause sleep. 2. pertaining to or characterized by sleep or sleepiness; sleepy; drowsy. noun 3. something that causes sleep, as a medicine or drug. And welcome in a strange IDM, … read more



New Christoph Schindling EP !! Future_Dub_Breakfast_Club // 4 tracks in free download !  » Four of newer Dubtechno / Ambient/Deephouse / Lofi / Glitch tracks he did in 2014 for his very personal « chillout-experience » … » URL :…ast-club read more



Touched Music has revealed it will put out a new compilation titled ‘Touched 3’ on July 29. The mammoth release contains 417 tracks, with some of the world’s most prominent electronic artists featured. 808 State, Amon Tobin, Autechre, Bibio, CJ … read more


EFTEK / special mix / Free download

Dj MIX for « Spacetime Legacy EP » promo !! 1 h to bounce your soul! In free download !! Thanks EFTEK !!!   The last EP « Spacetime Legacy » out on TSS is here :   – To follow EFTEK : Soundcloud : Mixcloud  … read more



OZFERTI the nubian wizard is back from his purple planet, NUBIA NOVA. Once again, with a bag full of AFROGRIME beats where JME, WILEY, BIG NARSTIE, TRIM, TEMPA T and SKEPTA meets the tribal patterns of African spirits. Second and … read more

Fade Runner

Geometric Smoke / Fade Runner

Montreal-based producer Fade Runner has delivered a mind-bending EP showcasing his grasp of meticulously crafted beats and enticing melodies. From the first few notes of Shells and Dust, we are instantly transported to Fade Runner’s other-worldly musical landscapes, each track … read more


EFTEK – Spacetime Legacy

1.  Basic Pace 07:59 2. Far Transmission 06:57 3. Stronger A14 07:25 4. Vagevin 05:40 5. Leader T 04:25 6. Spacetime Legacy 02:45 Remember… When we were raving ! Maybe you are too young to have experienced the crazy 90′ … read more


Da Bang3r // PierrotheMoon

Da Banger is an album where the crackling and bugs give a rhythm. The Random finds its melody … A pixelated atmosphere, borrowing the paths of 8bit, breakcore, experimental drumnbass, dub … with a hot groove, sometimes synthetic, sometimes old-school. In … read more



OUT NOW!!! NUKUA – EP.10 FREE DOWNLOAD A great opportunity to present BRAINSTORMLAB, if you do not already know ! This audio visual community and netlabel is focused on releasing experimental electronic music, abstract IDM and video. Here you can download albums of … read more

Glitch Hop Community

Crunchy French / Glitch Hop Community

The 20th GHC release is on its way, coming at you November 9! It’ll be a real treat featuring only dope French producers such as Mr. Ours, Dimaa, Tack,4bstr4ck3r, Otist-Reading and Mauvaise Pioche! 6 awesome original mixes! ‪#‎CrunchyFrench‬ ● Pre-order … read more


Korrupt Flo // Crashlines

TSS is proud to present the new album by Korrupt Flo ! After his first EP  » KALEIDOSCOPE  » signed on SONS OF BEAT RECORDS, he comes back with a tinged album of gentle violence, with an aggressive bass, contrasted … read more


OTR311 – EFTEK – K Species [05.08.2015]

Yes ! Eftek is back ! On Oxytech Records with K SPECIES !!! Out on Beatport and other… Released by : Oxytech Records Release date : 5 August 2015   For lovers of techno, here’s the new mix of … read more