Batfinks comes back on Caoutchou records ! Go to AOU !

Batfinks comes back on AOU!!

You know, here we LOVE BATFINKS!! This crazy super music of  BATFINKS!! And we love CAOUTCHOU LABEL too !! The releases are always amazing!! With Herrmutt Lobby, Spongemagnet, Ninjato, 6SISS… And these big compilations « Rubber beats!! » To download and listen … read more

EFTEK is producing new mixes ! Acid power techno !


Download in clicking here -> Autumner Than You_Grey Oktober And a dark & wet techno mix to close the summer2014. Don’t forget to download it —>  Summer Than You mix *Free DL* More ?? No problemmmm ! Download it —> Here is … read more

PierrotheMoon has released a new album on TSS, ready for the trip ?


OUT NOW! PIERROTHEMOON // SOMATIC // TSS 021 You can download SOMATIC in naming your price here : released 01 July 2014 Album available on Bandcamp Un album libre de toute contrainte. – – – – – – – – – – … read more

Glitch sur le Mouv is a partner of The Studio Stereo


GLITCH EP 77 LE METTEUR EN ONDES PAR ADΨIEЙ LЦNҐIVЏER PLAYLIST CLOZEE Self acceptance Larcin Ep (Waxhole records 2o14) ANTILUX Coral coma Dolphin tool Ep (Boya records 2o13) Y&Y Mason FLVRTWAVE ( 2o14) PLAYCET Izzy VA Produktivism compilation (Dhatura records 2o14) AAVV Arcadia Choral Poem (Fresh Yo label ! 2O14) … read more

Winner of the Worldwide contest Limbo Redux

Ak Patux, Winner of the Wwise Limbo Redux Contest!!

Audiokinetic has made the Wwise Limbo Redux Contest. The entries have been received from all around the globe, the judges have done their analyses, and they have three winners! Annnnd the big winner of the Wwise Limbo Redux Contest is….. … read more

Batfinks releases a new album of electronic musk on The Studio Stereo


OUT NOW! BATFINKS // No Sympathy // TSS 020 An artist that we love for years! With an amazing discography, you’ll can find his latest albums « And The February Hiss » and « Stema Tarnyt » on the label « Proot records » managed by Thiaz-itch! You can … read more

Zzzzra has made a new clip to promote the Zzzzra music !

Zzzzra (Promo Clip)

What a surprise this promoclip! The website from Zzzzra is very interesting with amazing stuff like the music, for sure, and vst instruments too! The website: [TEA_D001] Zzzzra – Le Futur Vaincra read more

Niereich & A-Brothers / EFtek Remix


>>>>NIEREICH & A-BROTHERS REMIX CONTEST<<<<< Audio Stimulation Recordings & Hybrid Confusion organizes a remix contest : 6 winners will have their remix released on Audio Stimulation Recordings or on Hybrid Confusion Records alongside official remixes by Space Djz, Sven Wittekind, Klaudia … read more

Eftek, electronic music producer from southern France


  Minimal techno, and maximal impact! The sounds  will transport you in an unprecedented hardtek universe. A dark world where the new-wave of the 80s becomes melancholic, where the beat becomes aggressive, sharp and industrial. Depth, Dub moods, a full … read more

The best album of PierrotheMoon this year !! If you have not downloaded it, this is now ! (and free !)


A new cartoony concept on TSS! Pieces that reflect a very creative world, always with experimentations! An album that surfs between music Dub, Experimental, Dubstep, Electronica, to a wacky drum n bass! Here harmony lies in the experiment. As small … read more

New dub, dubstep, glitch hop and hard core too on The Studio Stereo / It is free to download !

Tybercyle [TSS-017]

Style: Glitch hop, Breakcore, Experimental, Dub and Warstep. with participation of : Aden Ôhm, Nukua, Zzzzra, Ak Patux, Nanaka, R.O, Llamatron, Randomatik Blast, Hosmoz, Klitorix, mister Le Malinard, Brk n wicked, Syndrôm, Bouwakanja, Otist Reading and PierrotheMoon.   &lt;a href= » » data-mce-href= » »&gt;Tybercyle – v/a by The Studio Stereo&lt;/a&gt; … read more

Glitch Sur Le Mouv / Partner of The Studio Stereo


In recent weeks, we have been fortunate to have some of our songs on a show that has amazed us! We encourage you to explore the archived diffusions in streaming! It feels like Tracks on Arte, on the radio! It happens … read more