FADE RUNNER – Shapeshifting

We discovered Fade Runner when he released his album on the label Bedroom Research. Love at first sight! A marvel!

Elusive in both style and technique, Fade Runner always has a clean sound, glitch combos and a funky rhythm that we like.

Shapeshifting is a unique blend of Glitchy Electro Funk / IDM & Experimental music that takes you to places you’ve forgotten and territories you’ve never been before. A technologically deep and calculated album, yet a dinstinctly emotionnal whirlwind of sounds.

This album features 3 REMIX made by N20, Re:set and PierrotheMoon.

Music composed by FADE RUNNER
production @ The Studio Stereo
Teaser made on the track « Incoming Chaos »

Be ready and keep n touch!

Out now, you can download it on Bandcamp in naming your price : https://tssberlin.bandcamp.com/album/shapeshifting

FADE RUNNER SOUNDCLOUD : https://soundcloud.com/faderunner

Creative Commons // Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported 
(CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)


EFFECTION by NUKUA is out now !

10660421_10152729643012728_1351691250_n-> Music composed by Nukua

Teaser on Plemre // Track from Effection – EP by Nukua
production @ TSSBerlin / The Studio Stereo 2014


You should have discover the technical and detailed music of Nukua on Envizagae, Brainstormlab or the netlabel Antisocial with mini-cd and digital releases. With few appearances on TSS compilations, Another chances Records, Noisy Bastards, Turbine Records; Pavillon 36 recordings too, he also surprised us with his « monocarbite » remix on the label Underscan Records.

Poetic or icily hard, there is always the same constant : research, intelligence, and expertise

You can download EFFECTION in naming your price here: https://tssberlin.bandcamp.com/album/effection


Batfinks comes back on AOU!!

You know, here we LOVE BATFINKS!! This crazy super music of  BATFINKS!!

And we love CAOUTCHOU LABEL too !! The releases are always amazing!! With Herrmutt Lobby, Spongemagnet, Ninjato, 6SISS… And these big compilations « Rubber beats!! » To download and listen illico!!

Also what a pleasure to discover this new album!!! «  » »Batfinks – Bibobleyboo » » » »


We recommend you to go to the caoutchou bandcamp page!!!