PierrotheMoon – Sensitive Podcast [EP]


This podcast is the story of a few songs written « by hand ». Each long track was dotted with long runways.

For some songs, the inspiration was very deep. Life, and then you say, it’s philosophical! No, we are mortal, we all go through periods tangible, vulnerability, and at these times, these songs appear naive and innocent. A kind of mourning. A kind of loss of self. a strong attraction to meditation. Drunkenness itself.

But of course, a key radical and a homecoming. It’s good to be yourself.

You can find two collaborations, two travelers who have shared these moments with your friend Pierro. An experiment with his brother. And the other with his sister music, the dearest Louise Bronx with whom he has introduced a private one-hour concert, with this kind of atmosphere …

Relax and let yourself be carried away by these oddities sound !


1 1 Mms 4:50
2 Derrière Les Yeux 7:07
3 Eliduc Se Penche 6:01
4 Othoon Featuring – Otist-Reading 4:34
5 Sagte Der Mann Featuring – Louise Bronx 1:00
6 0825309310 5:48


artwork@otist_reading / TSS014 The Studio Stereo


These pieces were the big winners of Wintermix Brussel. All the main square was illuminated, a real show was developed on the music!
Brussels woke through every note, colors dotted the walls, mapping projections gave the whole fantasy world that deserves this music!
Take time to appreciate and love which is beyond our Pierrot touch you then to the heart!

Otist Reading – Boudub [Album]

We are proud and privileged indeed to bring this album from Otist-Reading!

It is the first in a serie that promises to pick up the hearts of DUB’lovers!

Boudub gathers pieces of bollywood fusion, mixed with dub sound very deep and hype!

Pleased to highlight this artist active in Brussels! You may be able to have the chance to meet him at some parties! I must say it does not play with the little ones! Zenzile, Crystal Distortion …

Release date: 20/03/2011
Label: TSS Berlin
Format: digital
Genre: Dub/ Dubstep / Electronica

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NEW DESIGN TSS (original)_edited-6

PierrotheMoon – Barbie Turik [Album]

This time PierrotheMoon is back with an album totally drunk!
This album will take you on different world, mostly dark and fantastic!
Featuring organic appearance, setbacks and extension of time forever, you can hang different styles because you can define a real style to this album.

It is the result of long hours of reflection, pulpwood, questioned.

A very ambient album!

To listen quietly, peacefully!



Release date: 20/03/2011
Label: TSS Berlin
Format: digital
Genre: Ambient/ Experimental/ Sound effect

All tracks by PierrotheMoon

Artwork by Mariel Clayton 

Produced by The Studio Stereo
Licensed under Creative Commons (BY;NC;SA)

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