Andreas Thomas – Rubber [EP]

       A housy raw sound, which switches between the depth
and the severity of a haunting techno.
       An EP which plunges us directly into the world  of this established artist.

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Neue Wellen // Compilation

Neue Wellen

Release date: 12/05/2010

– Neue Wellen –
Here is finally the awaited new Compilation [TSS-07]!
It features the same Spirit of the Label but … what is this Craziness!As always we remain firmly attached to our dubby Sounds Origins…
And new Influences are incredibly tickling TSS and for good!Our artists offer us the pearls wildest desires of those we were looking for!
Pieces crazy! A calculated Madness, Curves, Depth, all this building is free to download.

Breaks, Dubstep, Minimal, Ambient, Dub Techno, Experimental


1 Doppelklick – Strasse 5:36
2 Syndrôm – Orange Dub 3:43
3 F.L.O. (2) – I’m Zander (Elpierro Remix) 7:20
4 Andreas Thomas – So Deep (Elpierro Remix) 7:38
5 AKpatux – Purple Pulp 6:01
6 PierrotheMoon – Vade Retro Nachbachin 7:57
7 Batfinks – Apple Betty’s Party 4:20
8 Otist-Reading – Kill The Dancefloor 6:53
9 Kinoli & Mananas – Flashback 4:29
10 Kinoli – Race Me 5:06
11 Headbear – Sub Conscient 4:34
12 Nukua – Splok 4:00
13 Symbiote (2) – Carnage 4:26
14 Lo (4) – Where’s Marcus Voice 9:08
15 Nociva Project – Sonolivido 2:35
16 Batfinks – More Apple Betty 7:04


  • Artwork By – PierrotheMoon
  • Mastered By – Andrea Porcu

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PierrotheMoon – Elabor’ed Pets [Album]

The first album on TSS! A pleasure to unveil this little gem! Positive! and it takes! Oumsomdigo!

The first facet of the album: attachment to electro-acoustic, natural sound of instruments, guitar, flute, all diabolically orchestrated!

Lots of humor too! A piece dedicated to the joy, the joy of eating potatoes!

You can let yourself be enchanted by melody voodoo, demoniac incantations, each time with a few warm notes, history of heat you!

Elabored Pets promises to be a beautiful and long journey stages, during which you can take time to appreciate them, piece by piece. Emotions, anxieties, dreams, and sensibility melodies are a delight to deal with then the return to reality.

let you train in travel haunting ambient tracks from this Elaboration.


Release date: 10/02/2009
Label: The Studio Stereo
Format: digital
Genre: electronica / freaky-dub / kitchfloor / experimental

Masterings PierrotheMoon and Nukua.
Artwork by Otist-Reading

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