Christoph Schindling - A Dubby Summer

C.Schindling ‎ –  A dubby summer

You may have already had the chance to find him! With an amazing discography, in structures such as Schall-Netlabel, Deepindub, Section 27, Dreiton, Load and Clear and many others, all equally stunning, Christoph Schindling drops us now this amazin’EP : A DUBBY SUMMER

The Studio Stereo (2012) Dub techno/Deep house/Ambient/Glitch

released 23 March 2012

Available on:

1 Keep Moving 8:13
2 Relaxonaut 6:12
3 Swim 6:23
4 Marauder 4:55
5 The Small Things 6:37
6 Maneuvre 4:19
7 Lucky Luke 6:34
8 A Few Last Moments 8:40

Find Christoph Schindling on the web : soundcloudNEW DESIGN TSS (original)_edited-6

Andreas Thomas – Rubber [EP]

       A housy raw sound, which switches between the depth
and the severity of a haunting techno.
       An EP which plunges us directly into the world  of this established artist.

To follow Andreas Thomas on Soundcloud: