PierrotheMoon – Barbie Turik [Album]

This time PierrotheMoon is back with an album totally drunk!
This album will take you on different world, mostly dark and fantastic!
Featuring organic appearance, setbacks and extension of time forever, you can hang different styles because you can define a real style to this album.

It is the result of long hours of reflection, pulpwood, questioned.

A very ambient album!

To listen quietly, peacefully!



Release date: 20/03/2011
Label: TSS Berlin
Format: digital
Genre: Ambient/ Experimental/ Sound effect

All tracks by PierrotheMoon

Artwork by Mariel Clayton 

Produced by The Studio Stereo
Licensed under Creative Commons (BY;NC;SA)

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Mixkat – The journey [EP]

Release date: 25/03/2010
The Studio Stereo
(Progressive, housy-Dubby techno)And now, TSS immerses you in the original spirit of the label, one of the first light source that gives us his techno beats and thought provoking German power!
Enjoy this EP from Mixkat! During a short and deep journey!Bannière5