Illocanblo – Locustiq [Album]

illocanbloEvery day is the marathon. 

The weather is changing, time falls away. 
Catch feelings.

11 very different experiences of life. 
Unforgettable memories.
As a drop of inspiration to life


1 Bailyx 5:22
2 Ceatoble 4:00
3 La Rings 3:22
4 Wisgy 4:10
5 Ciel 3:26
6 Whizz For Anytime 3:54
7 Sonic Outdoor 3:40
8 CM 3:23
9 Melophazik 3:46
10 Joint 4:38
11 Sadmorphiuiuiuiu 3:56


  • Artwork – Creold
  • Mastered By – PierrotheMoon
  • Release date: 06/07/2011
  •  Label: TSS Berlin
  • Format: digital
  • Genre: Dubstep / IDM / Experimental

NEW DESIGN TSS (original)_edited-4

PierrotheMoon – Elabor’ed Pets [Album]

The first album on TSS! A pleasure to unveil this little gem! Positive! and it takes! Oumsomdigo!

The first facet of the album: attachment to electro-acoustic, natural sound of instruments, guitar, flute, all diabolically orchestrated!

Lots of humor too! A piece dedicated to the joy, the joy of eating potatoes!

You can let yourself be enchanted by melody voodoo, demoniac incantations, each time with a few warm notes, history of heat you!

Elabored Pets promises to be a beautiful and long journey stages, during which you can take time to appreciate them, piece by piece. Emotions, anxieties, dreams, and sensibility melodies are a delight to deal with then the return to reality.

let you train in travel haunting ambient tracks from this Elaboration.


Release date: 10/02/2009
Label: The Studio Stereo
Format: digital
Genre: electronica / freaky-dub / kitchfloor / experimental

Masterings PierrotheMoon and Nukua.
Artwork by Otist-Reading

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