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The mysterious user48736353001 // Aphex Twin.

Download all 110 tracks zipped:!2MUXDRQQ!M8bIbDvOwIt9Spn1TEicPYBRPjm7RzdTQy9kiKOfWIw

There is now more than 150 tracks !!! Yes  Yes … Richard D James is always uploading !

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The complete guide to user48736353001.

We’ve been on Aphex Twin overdrive as of late as the formerly-reclusive producer decided to upload his personal archives to Soundcloud – all as free downloads (and he’s not done yet).

Struggling to keep 150+ demos — all with RDJ’s obtuse naming conventions — straight? There is now a multipage Google Document detailing not only the demos, but also RDJ’s discography, song list and gear. We’re told it comes via the intrepid folks over at We Are The Music Makers — big thanks.


EFFECTION by NUKUA is out now !

10660421_10152729643012728_1351691250_n-> Music composed by Nukua

Teaser on Plemre // Track from Effection – EP by Nukua
production @ TSSBerlin / The Studio Stereo 2014

You should have discover the technical and detailed music of Nukua on Envizagae, Brainstormlab or the netlabel Antisocial with mini-cd and digital releases. With few appearances on TSS compilations, Another chances Records, Noisy Bastards, Turbine Records; Pavillon 36 recordings too, he also surprised us with his « monocarbite » remix on the label Underscan Records.

Poetic or icily hard, there is always the same constant : research, intelligence, and expertise

You can download EFFECTION in naming your price here:



OUT NOW! BATFINKS // No Sympathy // TSS 020

An artist that we love for years! With an amazing discography, you’ll can find his latest albums « And The February Hiss » and « Stema Tarnyt » on the label « Proot records » managed by Thiaz-itch!

You can find other albums by Loaf or Hippocamp … On projects like Rubber beats, on Caoutchou recordings… (Shamalaalaa…a track so…wonderful!) In short, you’ll understand that he’s a true electronic gem!

Here a new imprint, on TSS : BATFINKS // No Sympathy

This EP is available on Bandcamp

You can download NO SYMPATHY in naming your price here:


Music composed, written and performed by Batfinks
Produced by TSS Berlin
Licensed under Creative Commons (BY;NC;SA)

Batfinks@Soundcloud // Batfinks@Discogs

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