Interlune Mixtape

New album by PierrotheMoon - Interlune Mixtape - released August 21, 2017
Interlune' takes you directly up there, very high ... Between the moon and the earth, in the ambient space. 
Be ready for take-off, you will not be unharmed.



Music composed and written by PierrotheMoon

artwork & production @ The Studio Stereo




Touched Music has revealed it will put out a new compilation titled ‘Touched 3’ on July 29. The mammoth release contains 417 tracks, with some of the world’s most prominent electronic artists featured.

808 State, Amon Tobin, Autechre, Bibio, CJ Bolland, Future Sound Of London, Holly Herndon (pictured), Mark Broom, Mr Signout, Nils Frahm and Plaid represent a fraction of the wealth of talent featured on ‘Touched 3’… You have Defunkt Dialekt, Dust, Egg Nebula, Encym, Funkstörung, Florian Muller, Kid Koala, Luke Vibert, Monolog, PierrotheMoon, Richard Devine, Somatic Responses, Syl Kougaï, and more and more and more !!!!!

All proceeds will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support, a cause that Touch has already raised over £45,000 for since its launch in late 2013.

Speaking about the project, label founder Martin Boulton said: “After three years of running Touched, ‘Touched 3’ is the biggest and (I think) the best release to date. I’ve been overwhelmed from the start with the support and kindness of everyone who has contributed to, and been touched by, Touched Music. Not only can people feel good from giving to charity, they get a shitload of top tunes – a win-win in my book. Music can make a difference.”

Stream Plaid’s spacey contribution ‘Reindeer’ below and head to Touched’s website for further details.

All proceeds donated to Macmillan Cancer Support –

Some of the planet’s greatest Electronic, Ambient & Modern Classical musicians come together for this amazing cause.

You can pay an amount of your choice here (£15 or over), and we will donate (and claim gift aid) on your behalf, or, you can go and donate directly (and leave a message if you wish).

The artists have contributed their music for free.

Thanks for the support!



You can download SOMATIC in naming your price here :

released 01 July 2014

Album available on Bandcamp

Un album libre de toute contrainte.

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f51de9a52612dfd6239fc63eeffe2700Music composed, written and 
performed by PierrotheMoon

Produced by TSS Berlin
Licensed under Creative Commons (BY;NC;SA)

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