Neue Wellen // Compilation

Neue Wellen

Release date: 12/05/2010

– Neue Wellen –
Here is finally the awaited new Compilation [TSS-07]!
It features the same Spirit of the Label but … what is this Craziness!As always we remain firmly attached to our dubby Sounds Origins…
And new Influences are incredibly tickling TSS and for good!Our artists offer us the pearls wildest desires of those we were looking for!
Pieces crazy! A calculated Madness, Curves, Depth, all this building is free to download.

Breaks, Dubstep, Minimal, Ambient, Dub Techno, Experimental


1 Doppelklick – Strasse 5:36
2 Syndrôm – Orange Dub 3:43
3 F.L.O. (2) – I’m Zander (Elpierro Remix) 7:20
4 Andreas Thomas – So Deep (Elpierro Remix) 7:38
5 AKpatux – Purple Pulp 6:01
6 PierrotheMoon – Vade Retro Nachbachin 7:57
7 Batfinks – Apple Betty’s Party 4:20
8 Otist-Reading – Kill The Dancefloor 6:53
9 Kinoli & Mananas – Flashback 4:29
10 Kinoli – Race Me 5:06
11 Headbear – Sub Conscient 4:34
12 Nukua – Splok 4:00
13 Symbiote (2) – Carnage 4:26
14 Lo (4) – Where’s Marcus Voice 9:08
15 Nociva Project – Sonolivido 2:35
16 Batfinks – More Apple Betty 7:04


  • Artwork By – PierrotheMoon
  • Mastered By – Andrea Porcu

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Mixkat – The journey [EP]

Release date: 25/03/2010
The Studio Stereo
(Progressive, housy-Dubby techno)And now, TSS immerses you in the original spirit of the label, one of the first light source that gives us his techno beats and thought provoking German power!
Enjoy this EP from Mixkat! During a short and deep journey!Bannière5

Re_main // Compilation



Remain because it is the first compilation made by PierrotheMoon since he manages the label, initiated by the Marx Trukker… Also for the first, the same spirit!!

It is faithful to the original spirit of the label. The atmosphere is revealed into the deep layers of crushed through a minimalist dubby techno.Ocralab brought to perfection the famous tablecloth dubby sound that we enjoy!

Isotroph offers us a song in the same line!The sheets are then carefully raised to be crushed and will make us mad after interventions of Moolsaasa and Mr Zu!Then we enter the heart of the tek through dubby sounds clear and clean hitting of Birkemann to move a bit closer to techno sound of Ray Block, Mixkat, Basic Twin Peetz, Terdion, and TR21 in more crazy!

Dub Techno, Experimental, Minimal


Ocralab – Windform 6:24
Birkemann – Little Garden 6:58
Ray Block (2) – Black Tuesday 10:39
Mixkat – Black Catz 9:01
Moolsaasa – The Ride 6:15
Mr Zu – Hypnosis 6:08
Marx Trukker, The – The Clear Cut Almanac 7:34
BaSic (12) – Innerstock 6:47
Terdion – Winterwalk Through The City 7:31
Twin Peetz – Avenues At Nights 4:20
TR21 – After All 7:40
Isotroph – Landscape 6:12
Andreas Thomas (2) – So Deep 13:08
Lo (4) – Sunday Sad Day 10:14
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